There are two types of this product, USB charging and battery, please purchase with caution! !!

100% brand new, high quality.
This ball is completely automatic. It will accompany your cat/dog when you are not there. It can also help the cat exercise more and have fun.
The ball will run throughout the room and automatically change direction when it collides with a wall or corner.
An additional detachable magnetic feather that automatically rotates with the feather when placed on the floor to attract the kitten’s attention.
Easy to operate: Just open the ball and turn the switch on/off to let your pet enjoy it.
The built-in Led Light also attracts pets to chase, tap and run, making pets more fun.
Two styles, one rechargeable, one battery
Pets will no longer have boring days, sitting around the LED ball throughout the day.
Material: ABS
Ball diameter: 7 cm
Color: white, rose red, blue
1. Rechargeable
2. Battery version (please note that the product comes with 6 button batteries, the cat that you bought can be played, very convenient)
Tip: If you spray it with catnip, your cat will continue to chase it.
1. The ball moves smoothly on the flat ground, and the movement of the ball will be hindered due to friction.
2. When the battery is low, the ball will move slowly.
3. The battery should be fully charged before storage.
4. Fully charged LED cat ball can provide 30 minutes of playing time.
5. Due to manual measurement and slight color changes in different display settings, allow for a difference of 1-3 cm (0.4-1.18 inches).
Thank you for your understanding, a wonderful day!

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