Product Descriptions

Main Features

  • The high elastic yarn combined with the flying weaving integrated weaving technology gives the chest an excellent elastic toughness.

  • 3D dynamic fit, all dimensional three dimensional fit dog body

  • The inside of the chest cushioning belt is designed with a thick cushioning sponge to fully relieve the pressure generated by the rebound during the explosion, and to protect the fragile parts of the pet.

  • Outdoor protection module Abdominal special protection module, combined with the role of the fragrant tablets, makes love pets free from mosquitoes and establishes a natural protective barrier

  • The fragrant tablets are mainly composed of natural plant ingredients such as citronella oil, clove oil, and lemon oil. They do not contain mosquito repellent and can be replaced according to the period of use.


1 *Dog harness

1 *Insect repellent tablet

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