1Pc Rubber Nipple Dog Toys For Pet Chew Teething Train Cleaning Poodles Small Puppy Cat Bite Best Pet Dogs Supplies.


Large size: 15CM
Medium: 10CM

Product description:
Dog favorite chase game toys, made of soft rubber materials, safe and non-toxic, do not hurt the teeth. The degree of solidity is second only to the iron ball! ! ! ! Super bite-resistant, heavy feeling! ! ! Dogs love to play and are loved by dogs. They are necessary training supplies for dog lovers and pet dogs. The most important feature is that they are not easy to bite. In the circle, the dog friend is named after him. “Is it really strong and unbelievable? ? Try
The toy itself has a faint scent, and there is no pungent odor. The safe rubber dog is also safe to play! The surface of the toy is even and meticulous, and it is closer to the teeth to help clean teeth and exercise your teeth! Help pet teeth, reduce dental calculus and other diseases, keep the mouth fresh!
Protect the home environment! Toys are bite-resistant and wear-resistant, and they can use up time to attract the dog’s attention and vent excess energy. Shoes, socks, bed sheets and sofas are not afraid of being destroyed by a dog!



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